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NewsFlash  2005/11


Regards from Finland,


Weather forecast to the Gulf of Bothnia shows that a cold wind is blowing harder and harder every day. At least at these latitudes almost all boats are already winterized, but here in yard work continues with newbuilds.


Maestro 40 has been well seen in media as well as in Finnish waters and people has been very interested about M 40. During these two seasons we’ve been able to deliever to our clients totaly five new Maestro 40’s. Each of them have sailed very much and we have gathered lots of information of boats behavior at sea. Special thanks has come from the interior and boatspeed. 


At this moment the most equipped Maestro 40 is under construction at the yard, in our hole history. A Japanese client has ordered to his boat ST-jib, air conditioning, generator and bow propeller. Also to the interior is made several changes according to customers wishes.



ST-jib has been tested


During season 2005 we have installed to one Maestro 40 a Self Tacking jib. The owner´s have used this  ST-jib a lot. Using a ST-jib has shown to be a good solution for shorthand sailing. When the jib is equipped with furling system and self tacking equipment sailing comes really easy. Maestro 40’s ST-jib’s sheet goes up to the mast and inside the mast and the deck to jammers near helsman. The effectiveness of ST-jib has been a really positive experience to the owners, and has reduced using of standard jip. Maestro 40 has as standard 109% jib and ST-jib is 88%. Maestro 40 equipped with ST-jib is real shorthand sailors boat because all the halyards, sheets and other lines comes directly to helsman.



Comfort with Aqua-Air airconditioning


Now Maestro 40 is also available with fully automated airconditioning system with digital control panel. From the control panel can be set temperature and control systems other functions (fan speed etc.). Microprosessor control takes care of eighter cooling or heating. Airconditioning system is electrically driven and gets its power eighter from shorepower or inboard generator. Both 110 or 230 V systems are available.



Ease your harbour manouverability with bowthruster without sacrifising hull lines


Latest innovation in bowthruster segment is electric retractable bowthruster. In Maestro 40 is available MaxPower Compact Retract™ ( which  disapers totally inside the hull. Bowthruster is operated comfortable by helsman with joystick.



Maestro Boats is also taking advantage of latest production method’s


First structural components of Maestro 40 hull has been made with infusion technology. In infusion technology dry materials (reinforcements and core) are placed into a mould and resin is fed into the mould with vacuum. The vacuum is then maintained until the part is cured. This method eliminates potentially harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and mechanical properties of the finished component are likely to be markedly higher than would be the case with hand laminating. Weight reduction in structural components has been enourmous 28,5% with equal amount of reinforcements.



Structural strenght from Carbon fiber


Maestro 40 is a modern boat also if we look at fibres used to build it. Traditionally as reinforcement of plastics is used chopped glass fibres and as a result has came out a low low fibre volume fraction and random fibre orientation. One of the keycharacters when Maestro 40 was designed was safety and boatspeed. Those both characters will be reached by using multiaxle and uni directional fibres. In Maestro 40 structural components is used the most modern multiaxle fibres and is separately defined locations UD fibres. As a result we have light but very strong structure. Using of carbon fibres in stringers and webs in keel area gives us light and rigid structure.



New positions at Maestro Boats


Maestro Boats is looking at the future very optimistic way and has increased its personel with a new naval architect. Mr. Jouni Hirvenkivi has started already in beginnig of November. Mr. Hirvenkivi’s previous job history covers positions in area of logistics, IT and sales. Latest technology Mr. Hirvenkivi has studied at Kymenlaakso Polytechnic. Maestro Boats wishes Mr. Hirvenkivi welcome to our innovative group.



New Maestro 40 for next summer


According to unexeptional situation in our production Maestro Boats has still capasity to build on new Maestro 40 for summer 2006. Please feel free to contact directly to yard, phone +358-(0)6 834 0506, fax. +358-(0)6 834 0526 or email


With best regards


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