Maestro 40

"The new fast and easy handled cruising sailboat"

The Maestro M-40 belongs to the new generation of Maestro Boats performance cruiser. Built without compromise and dedicated to the enjoyment of the boating experience.

The exploration of new places, reaching the inaccessible and making the world your own is no longer just a dream. Above all this boat is for enjoying convivial company and the excitement of sailing.

Maestro 40

The Maestro 40 is smartly designed, brilliantly engineered and crafted to last a lifetime. The design and engineering applied is synonymous with Maestro Boats renowned manufacturing skills.

Maestro Boat constructs their yachts with the latest hi-tech solutions and materials to reach an incredible high level of quality and sailing experience. M-40 is intelligently built to enhance your onboard living to reflect the quality you and the crew deserve and to provide the satisfaction you expect from an investment like this.

Maestro 40 is a smart choice for sailing, enjoying as for skillful sailors as for a Sunday cruising with the whole family.

Maestro 40

Not only will the new owners obtain a sailing pleasure, they will also have a yacht with high interior quality and excellent space solutions, coupled with an easy handling that was specifically developed for the comfort of the cruising family.

Maestro 40

The design is a medium-displacement cruising yacht which offer's the performance characteristics of a lighter racing boat. The combination of traditional style and great performance skills is what makes the M-40 that enjoyable.

Our desire is to build the finest possible sailing yachts for our clients, Maestro offers unmatched workmanship, engineering and performance in design and therefore it received at the Helsinki Boat show the award for the best Boat of the show 2005.

Maestro 40

Maestro 40 info

When the development of Maestro 40 started with Eivind Still as designer we agreed on the following main characteristics for the new boat. The boat should be:

  • Easy to sail
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Modern both in lines and equipment


How has this been accomplished in Maestro 40?

  • The boat has a non overlapping 19/20 rig with 20 degrees swept back spreaders. This arrangement ensures a straight forestay without the use of runners. The largest 109 % jib at 41 m2 is easy to handle. Still easier to handle is a 33 m2 self tacking jib. The mast is a new section from Seldén with MDS cars for the mainsail. MDS stands for Multi-Directional-Support which means that the cars are running on wheels supporting them in all directions. In this way the friction is decreased making hoisting and lowering the mainsail very easy. The 49 m2 mainsail gives with the 109 % jib a good 90 m2 upwind sail area

  • For downwind sailing the boat can be equipped with gennakers ranging from 68 to124 m2. The gennakers are tacked from the bow 12 cm forward of the forestay fitting. If requested the boat can also be fitted with a spinnaker pole and a 122 m2 spinnaker

  • The cockpit has been ergonomically designed to provide comfortable seats and backrests. Halyards and other sail handling lines are led under the cabin roof to winches close to the helmsman. In this way the helmsman can in most situations handle the boat alone.

  • To achieve lightness and strength in hull and deck a new laminating technique based on vacuum injection will be utilized. Bulkheads, cabinet fronts and doors are no more made in heavy plywood but vacuum-bagged from a light core covered on both sides by fiberglass and wood veneers

  • The keel is a lead bulb sitting on a hollow steel fin. The fin has at the top a 2000 mm long and 300 mm wide flange which is bolted to the hull by 20 bolts. The centre of gravity of the 2700 kg heavy keel is 1800 mm below the DWL.

  • Navigation area has wide table for charts with locker. Boats main electric panel and lots of space for navigation electronics.

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