Rounded berth side

(drawer lockers N/A).

Well ventilated berth.

Both sides have spot lights

(in picture extra electrical

outlet and air-condition outlet).

 At main bulkhead is oval mirror.

Port side locker with shelves

(picture from air-conditioned model).

Forward cabin layout with V-form berth.





A big double berth, one big hanging locker, and one cupboard with shelves.

 Open book shelves on each side, one hatch with skyscreen open to the deck.

The hull is fitted with a mahogany liner.

To the main bulkhead is fitted a seat and a mirror.

Two inserted halogen lamps at roof and two spot lights.

Alcantara is available

in various colors (extra).

Under berth is lots of space.

Stb side large closet.

Nice small shelve above closet.



In pictures might be visible extra equipment or specially made constructions.