Forward facing chart board

at front of head

(one aft cabin version).

Forward facing chart board

at aft of head

(two aft cabin version).

Fire extinguisher under

the chart table.




Chart board area in two aft cabin layout

Chart board area in one aft cabin layout


Standard specification:

Different versions possible, depending on interior layout.

Storage space for sea charts and space for instruments provided.

Four drawer lockers.

Master switch panel with 20 automatic fuses/ switches.

 Battery monitor.

Level indicators for fuel and water.

Navigation light indicator panel with Maestro 40 drawing.

At roof two inserted halogen lights.

Red night lights.

12V outlet.

Holder for navigation triangle and pencils.

Manufacturers plate.





Here is visible same chart area in day and night view.


Note that there is separate red night lights for chart table and cabin sole.





Aft ward facing chart board

at front of head

(two aft cabin version).

Red night lights, 12V outlet

and 115V outlet (extra).

Space for navigation

instruments and

locker for laptop.






















For laptop can be made custom holders. These are uniquely designed to each laptop model.

Usually made of polished stainless steel.



















In pictures might be visible extra equipment or specially made constructions.